Solar LED Lamp with Motion Sensor

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The product comes in two versions: one with 100pcs LED and another with 180pcs LED.
Yes! The waterproof design makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions, so you can enjoy reliable and long-lasting lighting year-round.
Yes! The built-in motion sensor ensures that the light turns on when it’s needed most, providing added security and safety to your outdoor spaces.
Yes! Thanks to its solar-powered design, this lamp is incredibly easy to install. Simply mount it on a wall or fence using the included mounting hardware and let the sun do the rest – no wiring or complicated installation required.
Absolutely! Whether you’re looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your garden or you want to increase the security and safety of your outdoor spaces, the 180 Solar LED Light Outdoor Solar Lamp is the perfect choice.
The PIR motion sensor detects people’s movement from 3 to 5 meters and automatically controls the light on and off.
It takes 8 hours to charge the battery fully.
The solar light should be installed within 3 meters height, and the solar panel should absorb sunlight. Before use, please turn on the switch.


Introducing the ultimate solution for outdoor lighting – the 180 Solar LED Light with Motion Sensor! Our solar lamp is perfect for lighting up your garden, driveway, or any outdoor area with ease. With its high-quality ABS material, it is durable and made to last even in harsh weather conditions.

Equipped with a PIR motion sensor, this solar light is highly sensitive and can detect movement from 3 to 5 meters away. It automatically turns on and off, providing you with a hassle-free experience. It’s also water-resistant with an IP65 rating, making it ideal for use in different weather conditions like rain, snow, and fog.

Our solar light is powered by solar energy and is wireless, allowing you to install it anywhere you want with ease. It has a long working time of more than 8 hours if fully charged in direct sunshine for more than 8 hours. And with 100 or 180 superbright, eye-protective, flicker-free, and no-radiation white LED lights, this solar-powered light is sure to provide you with bright and reliable lighting.

Installation is easy, thanks to the expansion pipes and screws included in the package. And with a sensor angle of 120 degrees and a sensor distance of 3-5 meters, you can be sure that this light will detect any movement in its range.

And with our user manual included in the package, installation and operation of the light are made easy.

Illuminate your outdoor space with the 180 Solar LED Light with Motion Sensor today!


1. After receiving the package, please put it in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours and turn on the light switch when charging.

2. It is light sensor, it can not work in the daytime, it can only work on the darkness. After charging, please try it in a dark environment.

3. The lamp must be placed around and above without shelter and maintain the direct sunlight charging board.

4. If there is an other light source around the lamp, it may cause it to not work; so place it in a dark environment.

5. If you choose motion sensing mode, the light will turn on when someone passes through the sensing range of the lamp.

6. When the light flashes, it means that the battery is insufficient and needs to be charged in the sun.


Input Voltage: 5.5V
Total power:20W
Bulb type:LED
Light source: Solar Light
LEDquantity: 100pcs LED / 180pcs LED
Light color: White
Power source: 1* 3.7V 1200mAH lithium battery
Charging hours: 8hrs
Working hours: more than 8hrs
Control modes: Light/ PIR
High light delay: 20-25s
Sensor angle:120
Sensor distance:3-5m
Protecting grade: IP65
Material: ABS
Item color: Black


Please make sure the solar light been installed within 3 meters height and make sure the solar panel can absorb sunlight.
Before use please turn on the switch.


1/2/4 * Outdoor LED Solar Light
1/2/4* Expansion Pipe
1/2/4 * Screws
1/2/4 * User Manual








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PIR Motion Sensor

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LED Solar Light

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1 Year

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Modern Style

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LED Bulbs

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Lithium Battery

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Mainland China

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